Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sunshine and Smiles

During the winter months I will always hope for better weather, a bit of warmth from the sun or a less harsh wind. Then when the summer comes I hope for a cool breeze or a sudden downpour. I'm never really happy :D

The pros to nice weather -
People seem genuinely more happy and friendly, last week on an outing to the beach I think we spoke to about 5 different people/groups of people. I could visit the beach all winter and not come across that many friendly people on one outing.

My skin is warm, its amazing to actually feel warm on a shoot.

The water is warmer, This is probably the best thing about summer - warm*er water. It means I can actually stand in it without fearing for my wellbeing. Nothing worse than standing in a stream  with water which has just come down from the snowy mountains above. Not cool - freezing.

The days last so much longer, a sunrise shoot is early enough for you to be "brave" with the locations.

The cons -

Harsh sunlight during the day - less interesting clouds and colours in the sky (apart from in the evening because i have seen some gorgeous sunsets this past few weeks).

Additional things to carry - bottles or water and sun lotion.

Sunlotion - Its something I NEED. I couldn't go out without it on and in my bag, my skin burns so easily. Plus I was reading an interesting skincare book and now know the damage that the sun does to us all, even in the winter. It kind of made me want to find a cave to live in so I could forever be youthful. Sunlotion leaves my skin a little tacky so if I lean against a wall or lay on a bit of grass then its all stuck to me pretty quickly. So I wipe it off and have to re-apply the lotion.

Bugs and bees - I really hate bees and things buzzing around, its so distracting. Feeling them land on your leg but trying to stay composed to get the picture is like mental tortue. The minute I have heard the click I jump up and down like a big baby. I was bit almost 2 weeks ago on my back and I can still see there the bugger got me.

The warmth - walking miles upon miles is something i'm used to, and I quite like walking around trying to find the next location. It means we get something different/special but also it gives me a good opportunity to get to know the people I'm working with and I can find out about their lives which is always interesting to me.

I could probably add to this because I've no doubt forgotten loads since starting this thread.

All the images in this blog are from a shoot I had earlier in the week with my buddy John Mcnairn.



  1. What! no mention of cow poo? ;-)

  2. Really super images both of you.