Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Well only a day after our Rachaels wedding my other buddy Sarah aka Valentina Velvet welcomed her little bundle (Jaxon) into the world. All the best to them both, can't wait to go down and see the little man and get a cuddle :D

Here are some shots by John Mcnairn from a shoot we had earlier this month, only just realised I hadn't posted them up on here yet... Silly me!

Rory and I had booked into a pretty hotel over the weekend for Rachaels wedding. We literally only had about a 10 minute shoot but its "easier" when you are in the right location. I had just got out the shower, no makeup on. We did another set which was nude with my reflection in the mirror which were my favourites but there was about 5 I really liked so I'm going to wait until the others are edited and post them in a blog of their own!.

Now its defiantly bed time!

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