Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Shoot with Lauren

I know most people who follow my blog will know me well enough to know that I occasionally take photos.. Or if you didn't then you will do after reading this blog!

I had been speaking to a local model for quite some time about arranging a shoot.. Despite being quite organised when it comes to modelling I'm the opposite when it comes to doing photography! Anyway the weather gods were kind to us last week and I thought that it would be a great opportunity to get this shoot sorted out.

A few days before the shoot we were discussing where to meet up, and it turned out that Laurens dad was my dads best man back in 1977 at my parents wedding. So our dads were best friends and grew up together. How cool is that?! We met up and I got out my parents wedding album and we had a giggle at how mental our parental figures hair looked, not to forget the crazy flared trousers.

Might sound kind of daft but I get really nervous before shooting a model, Its maybe partially down to confidence. I've been part of literally hundreds of shoots in the past but I find it pretty "easy" to model - not in the sense that its an easy task, just that I know what I'm doing and am confident that I will do what is needed.

I have to say Lauren was awesome to work with in that we got on so well it was just like a day out with a friend, she also took what direction I was able to give and came up with a few cool ideas herself which is always a bonus.

Its very strange/ but nice actually being in control of a picture and being able to focus on the photography. When I do self portraits at home it usually goes something like this -

Do hair and makeup - 30 mins- 1 hour
Clean or tidy up shooting space/ move lights into the right room/ find camera and all the bits I need - 20 minutes.
Decide which outfit (or nudity will work) - 15 minutes of trying on everything I own - whilst making more of a mess.
Set camera and lights up - including the composition I want
Then  I take about a 30-40 practice shots and move the lights about and twiddle with the camera until it produces something I'm happy with - 8 times out of 10 I struggle with this part and end up giving up. I lack the patience I need when working with myself, as a model I occasionally work with "faffers" and I 'm always really glad they are putting the effort in to ensure the shot turns out as well as it possibly can.

Have to say Rory and I had an awesome day at Rachaels wedding on Sunday, the weather was about as beautiful as Rachael! Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Cameron!


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