Sunday, 14 July 2013


 Thought I would post a blog with these pictures before I run out the door to attend the gorgeous Rachael Lyons wedding - for anybody who doesn't remember this stunning model here is a shot of us from when we were away on tour together back in 2011. By Steve Gabbit in Leeds! I hope she has a fantabulous day, the sun is shining which is usually a good thing but I wont be envious with her having to wear such a big dress on a day like today!!

So massive congrats/good luck and all the best vibes in the world <3 p="">
Its amazing how much happens in lives in such a short space of time, the other beautiful model we were away with - Valentina Velvet (as pictured below)...

Currently looks much like this - 
She is having a baby!
So much excitement in these chicks lives right now :-)

Just mad thinking we were all "carefree" girls such a short time ago (I kinda still am hooray). But its amazing how much changes in lives, I still count our tour as one of the funnest things I've done while modelling/ with my life. Going off with 2 almost strangers and spending a week together travelling around was amazing. I will always love them both!

Anyway back to "normal" - here are some nudes by the talented Paul Hirst from a shoot we had recently at a location close to me. The sky was so blue that day :D I love these shots, so thanks to Paul for sending them over to me.

Right now time to make myself pretty.. I know I'm going to be covered in sweat before I even get to the car!!

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