Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I almost forgot about my blog!

Eeek. Things have been a little hectic recently :-)

So apologies for not updating on here as much as I should. I recently got a polaroid and have been tinkering around with it - Must scan some images in. I have to admit Its kind of cool but overall I think the colours look pretty shit - Anything a polaroid can do a decent digital camera can do so much better (and it doesn't cost £20 to take 8 pictures). I've still got some film left though so will try some more with it. kind of wish I had bought a pretty frock with the £60 we have invested into that little "experiment" :-) though!

I have some other polaroids from a shoot I had a couple of months ago out on location up North - Which I keep forgetting to get scanned.

Anyway - pictures!

Here are some shots by Ross Wilson from our recent shoot, this was actually shot in a pitch black room with Ross using a small torch as a focusing aid. I do like the definition on the body :D

Just got some pictures back from a shoot I had last year - By Laura Tilliman.

Here are a bunch of self portraits.. I was bored one afternoon/evening and decided to do some. I'm quite frustrated with the new wireless trigger though, its really not as good as the old 2 piece system I used before. Maybe its just the batteries needing replaced - who knows!

Finally here is a massive bunch of shots from my "beach day" with Jamie Howden a couple of weeks ago, we had planned on getting me in the water and spending the entire day at the beach but the weather had other plans and we ended up going home just after mid-day and shooting some quick sets in his garage studio instead - I'm quite glad we did because I really like those shots.

I have Sarah/Artemis coming up to Scotland to stay with me at the end of August, we have been booked for a couple of shoots together which I'm REALLY looking forward to. We never got the opportunity to work together last year while she was here so it will be awesome fun!

Anyway thats about it, I'm off out with John again on Friday and have my fingers crossed the Wimbledon finals finish fairly early as I'm off to shoot with Stuart and Si on Sunday evening.

Back to game of thrones for me :D


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