Saturday, 28 March 2009

Website and Goodbye....

Well I thought I would up-date before I bugger off again :-)

Paul made me my own site yippeee, I totally love it.

I was hoping to upload a couple of new pictures from a shoot I had last week but still not got them back yet.

I'm off to Glasgow tomorrow until friday, as part of Pauls birthday I booked us into a nice hotel for a few nights. So it should be nice, hes got a couple of shoots this week. I did mention to a couple of my photographers I would be in Glasgow though so I may end up coming back with some pictures yey. On friday I am leaving Glasgow and going straight up to the Isle of Skye with Simon until Monday the 6th. I wont have internet at all during that time which will be kinda crap but Im sure I will survive. Ive always loved Skye so it will be amazing to get some shit hot nudes while I am up there :-) plus I choose where we are staying, no 5* hotels or even 4*. A few years ago I was "ruffin it" on a weekend trip to skye, stayed in a building that was like a shed (was part of a hostel) I remember looking out and seeing these funky looking wigwams and wishing I was staying in one of them, so thats where we are going. Shared toilets and stuff though which might be an issue for me but like I said to Simon - we are in the middle of nowhere, I can pee in a forest :-)

Anyways... Until the 6th :-)


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