Saturday, 7 March 2009

Friday night with Mr Chrissie

Well I deleted a couple of entries because they were half arsed and done when I was in a crappy mood so Im re-doing them with a little effort this time and a bit more content..

So last Friday I spent the night with my better half (and he is better) he just wont admit it yet :)
We were at the brunswick in Glasgow. Not really my usual type of nudity, its a wee bitty sexy rather than art nude but I think it looks classy :) The first one I just told Paul to take a picture because I thought my legs looked cool on the headboard and I have a facination with leg warmers at the moment so I HAD to get at least 1 shot wearing them. The last shot was just a random one, I decided at 2am (or was it 3) that I wanted to go for a bath, found a shower cap and thought it would be funny to make it look like I was diving in the end of the bath, ofcourse I love such silly things being documented so it got shot! Cant wait to do some more random stuff with Paul next week when we are spending the week together woohooo!!

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