Friday, 23 October 2009

Up the hills and far away...

Well as usual its a silly time in the morning, seems like I always write these things up after midnight.. Although its technically Saturday now in my head it is still Friday.

Today I was out doing fashion - STRICTLY FASHION!
I did flash a bit of bra and thought one of the photographers was saying 'rwar' at me.
Had a really good day though and even though the sky wasnt as cool as it could have been I really loved running about in trees with all the beautiful colours cant wait to get them back, was my first time working with more than 1 photographer at a time, I think I done not too bad given that I was posing for 2 at once and not naked. Cant wait to see how the pictures turn out and it was partpay so should get a few goodies back soon enough! Thanks to John (fox2006) and Lee (photoexcel) for spending the day with me.

I have only just realised that summer has now passed and its back to doing the cold shoots, the ones which I actually think I enjoy more.. I remember every winter/cold shoot I had last year, after the shoots I actually felt like I achieved something, I remember hearing photographers asking "are you sure its not too cold?" and me replying with "fuck it lets just do it!". Can't wait for the snow to come now..

This is from one of my last proper summer shoots of 2009

Heres another one from me and Craig Mcguires boathouse haloween type shoot, we are going to do more halloween stuff next week hopefully. I have this amazing idea actually, not pitched it to Craig yet but I actually think it will come out bloody mindblowing and absoloutly freaky as hell..

Saturday (tomorrow/technically today) I am doing bugger all really, having a chillaxing day in Perth planned out. I should really clean my bedroom a little I guess but thats a last resort if the internet has nothing better to offer to me. I should also try and get more arranged for next week, I dont have anything on mid-week apart from Craig and we havent picked the date yet. Although Im off up to Aberdeen next weekend and somehow managed to totally fully book the whole weekend, also it seems like at least 4 others now want in on the Chrissie action so I am going to have to arrange a more regular visit to the city of Aberdeen. Wish I had time to do some stuff with Sam Brill though but sadly all my time is gone and I would need to ask him nicely lol.

Sunday should be good, working with Simon. Rory will be on hand too so will get some nice autumn type stuff im sure. Which reminds me I have a selection of 'mood' type images I need to send him.

Seems like I have had lots of amazing ideas recently. Was watching the IT crowd earlier and spotted a tiny little moment in it and I know who would be perfect to shoot it... Monkey twizzle watch out. Plans for after Aberdeen (1st of November) are proberly going back down to Ayr again to annoy... I mean hang out at Steves house. Also going on holiday during November/Start of December for a week and I will be doing strictly no shoots, infact I wont even have the laptop with me or mobile phone.. How is that for actually getting away from it all? think it will be good for me to have a little break away from everything.

Anyway I seem to be chatty tonight but I will get off, I like keeping the blog updated with pictures and a few words. Seems to be like a novel some days :D



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