Monday, 2 November 2009

Back again!

*note the above image is just a random silly one from Saturday night. Cheers Rory ;-)

Well I survived my weekend in Aberdeen :-)
Was great to work with a few new people, the apartment was absoloutly gorgeous.
Would highly recommend the Mintapartments to anyone visiting Aberdeen.

I set off from Perth first thing on Saturday morning, had everything packed and somehow we managed to get there early. I went straight off to Shoot with Craig Burgess in a beautiful forest we finished up 4 and I then grabbed a really quick shower and a nibble to eat then started shooting again at 5 with Mark Davids. At about 9.30pm that was my working day done! I gorged myself on Pizza (even thought I know its really bad for me) then had an early night.

Back up at 6.45am for my Sunday morning shoot with Alister Aberdeen.

Left the apartment straight after my morning shoot and decided to take the costal route home, stopped in Stonehaven for a bite to eat then played in the amusements, I visited Stonehaven when I was younger so all the memories came back to me. The costal route was pretty flooded! Stopped off in Arbroath too, got some smokies (fish) for my uncle, last time I was passing Arbroath and didn't get him some he wasnt too happy. Finished up in Dundee at the bingo, we started off really good, won like 4 of the first 10 games which were played so we got a nice night out and made a few quid!

Today I decided to update my blog and I have a long list of things which I really need to do -
Pay my N.I
Pay Littlewoods off - just so they piss off and stop contacting me/ calling
Pay Phone - even though Im not due them money its always good to be ahead of them
Have to go to the police station, dont know if I mentioned me finding a little bundle of money a few months ago... well nobody has claimed it so I am to go and pick it up and its mine to keep YEY!
Put cheque in the bank...

Its all GO GO GO GO GO today.
Last week I done less in the full week than I am having to do today

All images *apart from the first cheesy one* is by the amazing - Demetrios, super photographer and wonderful guy!

Right I will update again soon..



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  1. You didn't tell me you were passing Arbroath hon... You should've given me a buzz and we could have had coffee or something while you were here. Ah well, maybe next time ;)

    It's good to be super busy though and the new pics are looking fabby as always! Keep up the good work.