Monday, 23 November 2009

Just a little update

Well I know its been awhile, its not that I have not had anything to talk about.. I can talk about pretty much anything :-) Just thought I would start with a nice picture Rory took of me on Sunday morning when I was at his flat. Lit by the heater ofcourse!

I have worked with Billy for two weekends in a row now, I plan on doing separate blog entries for the shoots but here's one of the images from last weekend of me and Samson the bear. I got Samson when I was in Aberdeen a few weeks ago so thought Billy was the perfect person to shoot us together.. You really don't get the full impact of his size from pictures though!

This weekend...
Well the weekend just past was great, headed off down to Glasgow on Friday evening and then popped into braehead on Saturday afternoon to pick up some stuff then went over to meet Aimee for our shoot with Billy, had such a wicked time with her. She really is such a great lady and soo beautiful! It was a breeze working with her really. Plus after the shoot we went over to one of Rorys friends house parties and she volunteered to take the bear along despite proberly getting slightly funny looks from passers by!

On Sunday I met up with Aimee again and we popped over to Contrast to meet some of the folks who were at the group shoot, Im not too good with large amounts of people though so it was slightly confusing for me..

I had Joe showing me images from last weekends shoot with him, Simon talking in my right ear about my website and Craig in my left ear talking about a shoot. I'm much better one 2 one I think so its possible that I didn't spend as much time as I should have with other people. Was nice to see people though, even if I didn't actually catch their names lol.

Aimee and I then met up with Rory in Princess Square for what was ment to be a coffee but turned out to be a coke. No cake though, both of us were stuffed on sugary snacks so the thought of eating yet more chocolate was tummy turning to say the least.

Headed back North last night and went to view a house with Rory, its only about 5 minutes from my Grandparents and 10 minutes from Perth. It is in the middle of nowhere and we are going to need to buy a new car but we did love it and it wont be forever.. Maybe just 6 months or so. Would love to wander the grounds in the snow during the winter and although we couldnt see the view because it was dark I imagine its gorgeous! Will be handy having a spare room too, means if any English photographers want to pop up to shoot me then theres a little bed and shooting space there for them at no extra cost :-)

Right im off, I will update again once I have some more images back!



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