Monday, 23 November 2009

Quick visit to the group shoot..

On Sunday Aimee and I popped into the group shoot. Was lovley meeting everyone, well everyone I had the chance to talk to. I know I only managed to stay 45 minutes because I had to get off home but it was good to see some new faces and I thought I would pop in atleast to say hello and to introduce Aimee to a few folks. Well done to Bruce for organising it!

My buddy Craig managed to steal us for a couple of pictures.

This is cheese tastic :-)
Working with Craig & Flame this weekend down in Glasgow again.. Really looking forward to it actually.. yipppeee
I have just selected pictures from a recent shoot I had, Can't wait to get them back and go on an uploading spree. Yippppeeeeeeee

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  1. Lol... I'm all hyper about sunday too, and I'm not the only one either!
    Craig x