Monday, 16 November 2009

Weekend of wonder...

Well I will start with the good things that happened on my trip down to Glasgow -
Saturday went really well, Rory had to drive me and Samson (the massive teddy bear) to Glasgow, I needed it for my shoot with Monkey T.. I had a little 2 hour shoot in Contrast before going to Billys so Rory just waited for me, he ended up in a shot with me too! cant wait too see how the pictures turn out because they looked freaking amazin on the back of the camera :D

Saturday night was cool, went over to Billys. Got up to our usual adventures.. Im sure the results will be in soon :D I had an early night because I was due to go over to Helensburgh to work with Adam but when I got up on Sunday a whole bunch of really freaking stupid things happened and I ended up in Queens park with a million bags and a swan chasing me, they can totally smell the fear.. Had a little old woman hug me because I looked sad, dont know if its just me but when someone actually gives you sympathy it makes you end up being more sad.. I thought my fake smile was great but obviously the old lady spotted the fake smile. Decided I wasnt really in the right mood to shoot so sent Adam off a text.. I still would have went but I know I wouldnt have been at my best and thats not really fair. Luckily Adam was fantastic about re-arranging. Just need to make sure when I do get my backside over there I perform better than ever before for him :-)

Sunday got better, the stupid things sorted themselves out in the afternoon...
Spent Sunday evening in Rorys flat in Glasgow and met some of his mates which was cool :-)

Right I better get off, I really should start my daily stretching and dancing just to keep myself flexible.

ciao ciao


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