Monday, 30 November 2009

Shoot with Wee Joe

Well here area few images from my shoot with Joe recently, I had soo much fun on the shoot.
I'm not really a 'headshot' type model but I know I did need a few new ones, I feel like recently I have not been all that productive so my resolution for next year is to shoot more.

I have been hating the weather this week, it put a bit of a pause on a couple of shoots so will need to wait for things to improve before attempting to re-schedule the shoots.

I was in Glasgow at the weekend, went down to work with Craig and Flame on Sunday afternoon at one of Ericas locations down there, finished off with a couple of sets in Ericas front room then all went out and had some food. It was pretty cold at first but its funny how your body gets used to the cold after 10 or so minutes, its the cold wind I'm not so much a fan of.

Last night Rory and I planned on going bowling, we ended up playing some little quiz type machine then I won a massive bar of chocolate (I don't even like chocolate).. Grrrr.

Well back to business

thanks again to Joe for shooting me, twas an absoloute pleasure and I really love them. Still got a few more hidden back but I might blog with them another day :-)

Chrissie Red xxx

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  1. Bitchin headshot with the blue background, Chrissie! Kudos to you and wee Joe for that!!!