Saturday, 7 November 2009

2 for 1! the white hat adventures

Firstly hope everyone had a nice fireworks night, Rory and I attempted to get down to the public display but we missed it then ended up stuck in traffic so we picked up some fireworkies in tesco and headed to my backgarden where we entertained the family with our spectacular display. Heres a little shot I took on Rorys camera!

Although I love my Canon theres alot to be said for the Samsung st550 2view. Its got a bloody awesome screen and soo good for taking self portraits which is handy for a poser like me. Still figuring out how to make myself look pretty on it but im sure I will figure it out eventually.

Off to Rorys tonight to have a games fest with his mum, last week was scrabble and tonight is monopoly. Got most of my xmas shopping done, cant wait to see everyones faces when they get their presents this year. Also got new business cards in but not sure about the colour of the number, its pretty difficult to read in low light eeeek..

Anyway heres a shoot roundup...

Well a few weeks ago I went out with John and Lee to do some seasonal fashion!
I had to have a rake through the wardrobe to find some suitable attire but managed to find some and picked up a lovley white hat which seems to be going everywhere with me these days :-)

Locations were - Dunkeld, Errol and Kinnoull hill - Perth!

Images on this blog are by Lee - Photoexcel,

thanks to them both for such a wicked day out and thank you god for not deciding to rain that day.

Love and kisses and every other type of nice sweet wishes

Chrissie xx

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