Thursday, 5 November 2009

If you go down in the woods today......

Well I was not down in the woods today but I was at the weekend with Craig Burgess from Aberdeen! He took me to a wonderful forest on the outskirts of the Deen. It was only his 2nd model photoshoot (first nude one), Maybe its just me but I love being someones first nude model and Craig was lovley to work with!

I also think I managed to beat a record 'getting bitten and scratched by as much nature as possible in one afternoon'. One of my scratches went from above my knee right down to mid calf.. Woops, I also ended up bum sliding off a fallen over tree trunk but I cant see my bum to see if its left any lasting damage.

Big thanks to Craig for spending Halloween with me, and thank you for linking me to the images from the shoot!

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