Wednesday, 11 November 2009

All ready for X-mas :D

Not been doing a hell of alot this week, been house hunting and playing scrabble ...

I got all my christmas shopping done, I know.. Im early. My holiday is all booked now and I leave on the 14th so I dont actually have all that much time to buy things. I'm off to Glasgow this weekend, working with Monkey Twizzle and the delightful Aimee from down South. Really excited about it actually. Always admired her work and think she has a wonderful look. It will be nice to work with a female model again, only worked with a few before. Ofcourse Billy has some pretty f&^ked up ideas so horrah!

I have been getting a little fidgety recently, I miss doing random shooting of all styles. I had a long think about who I would next like to work long term with and I asked the person I have had in mind so we are meeting up for a tea next time im in Glasgow. I really cant wait to work with him again, I did work with him once (early on in my modelling) and I feel we have both grown alot since then, im also confident in the knowledge that we would be able to produce some very special images together.

I have hit that brick wall I hit every so often, the one where I am confused about what looks good and what doesnt. I dont have a clue what to put in my portfolios, do I stick with the old faves? the ones which kind of made me who I am, the ones which got me bookings, the ones I love? or do I upload a mass of new ones to show that I am still doing what I do? despite me not knowing if the new ones beat the old ones in terms of grabbing the attention?

meh I have no idea.. I guess when I stop getting bookings thats when I should worry about my portfolio not doing its job.
Chrissie Rxxxx


  1. It's do want new images in your portfolio to show that you're still active and doing new stuff. Maybe you should ask someone to do some editing for you? It's very hard to judge your own work.

  2. I recently read a comment about you that said that you are at the top of your game and have been for some time, coming from someone that has been at the top of his for so long, it would be difficult to dispute it, of course I agree, but then I would!
    Folio, maybe one of the big unknowns, who really knows, things go in trends and cycles, personally I think a mix of your known and established work with a good selection of new stuff, it covers all the variables, keeps it fresh and new as well as having established works that has helped to get you where you are today.