Monday, 23 November 2009

Monkey Twizzle & Aimee 21st of November

Well heres my 2nd update of this morning although to me it is technically still evening.. I even have a nice cuppa in my hand and a bag of mini cheddars to keep my energy up or else I would be like any normal person and be sleeping by now. Sometimes I go through these phases where sleeping makes me feel like I might be missing something and there is never enough hours in the day for me to do everything I want to do.

So anyway.. Aimee from down south was up at the weekend, we both added each other to a 'model wishlist' on another website last month then got in touch to actually put some type of plan together. I had admired Aimee's work for awhile, she has a unique beauty about her which really opened my eyes. She is also a very hard working and fantastic model so it was a great pleasure to work with her. The first shot above is our arms/hair and legs.. I think you will be able to spot mine (the freckled one) :-)

Billy was experimenting with long exposure type stuff, below is a mixture of both amiee and I.. Please don't ask whos body part is which though because I have no idea!

The fun part was being covered in plaster of paris. Actually I think one of Aimee's comments she made during this shoot will be stuck in my memory forever (to be fair there were many funny moments) but the comment 'this feels like someone poo'ing on me but the poo is cold' was perfect timing. It was cold and bits were setting too fast then falling onto the floor but I think the images turned out pretty good :-)

Long exposure running lady :-)

Treacle in my eyes and running down my leg. Woohoo!

I like chess...

We both like chess!

Many thanks to Billy for having Aimee and I over, and big thanks to Aimee for coming up to Scotland and being such a good sport.
Chrissie x

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