Monday, 23 November 2009

Monkey Twizzle 14th of November

Well as usual I'm running slightly behind on keeping the old blog updated. Seeing as I am having yet another sleepless night I thought now would be the perfect time for me to update with some images. Still waiting on some back from other shoots but heres ones from last weekend :-)

I had sparklers left over from the 5th of November so packed them in my bag and headed for Glasgow. We tested with a torch first though just to see if it would work. I was slightly worried I would end up burning myself, it did say not recommended for indoor use and that you have to wear gloves but I thought a hat looked much cooler than gloves :-)

I have to admit I do like the torch version as much as the sparkler one..

Cold and wet bandages are no fun, although trying to figure out where I was standing/facing was slightly amusing.. Its strange having one of your senses being taken away, very scary too. If Billy wasnt there Im pretty sure I would have ended up walking into the wall or tripping up.

I have this thing, its like a sarong.. I used it before in a series of nude shoots with Artpunk. I happened to have it in my bag and while having a break between shoots I got it out. Both Billy and I spotted that the light coming through it and the shadows it created on my skin was pretty cool so we used it in a shoot. Its great having the freedom to just do something spare of the moment sometimes.

Not only did I take sparklers but I dragged Samson with me too, hes a big cuddly bear who is bigger than me. We decided he should play the role of a GWC, he done it soo well..

Just to show his softer side - and mine :-)

Peace out...
Now I must put the kettle on for my next update :-)

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