Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I'm surprised you don't feel like shit everyday.... (moan)

I do hate the sound of myself moaning but I can't help myself - grrrr!!!

As a model I have had heaps of comments from strangers before and I will have even more in the future. Most thankfully are nice comments, or at least constructive even if I have not been looking for a critique there will always be someone there to offer their expert knowledge (which is mainly ignored - If I upload something I need no other opinion on it unless I ask). I wouldn't go onto a photographers facebook page and leave a comment criticising the image - If I don't like an image then unless asked I don't tend to air my feelings on it. Just like I wouldn't go onto a models page and say "no offence but lay off the junk food you look fat" - Why don't I do that? well because its not my place to comment on someones body shape, if someone is showing off their body then they are happy with how they look it really is fuck all to do with me what a model chooses to eat or how a photographer lights an image.. Especially if I wont ever work with them anyway.

So yeah, I uploaded a shot recently there was a shadow on the image which made me look a couple of inches smaller in waist than I actually am. People felt the need to jump on me and tell me I was too skinny/unhealthy/ill - whatever. If I was overweight would "fat" comments be as easy for them to throw around? its not ok to call someone a fatty but its cool to say someone looks too skinny?

I have visible ribs, always have.. Even when I was 3 stone heavier than I am now. I have never been obsessed with my weight, infact other than a 1 day diet which I couldn't stick to I have never watched what I eat. I have never worked out in a gym or went jogging just to tone up or loose weight. If anything I have spent more time trying to stay the weight I am rather than loose it. When my anxiety takes a nose dive I constantly feel sick, I force myself too eat through such spells despite food being the last thing on my mind.

I used to always think the perfect weight is the one which I am happy & healthy with, not that its anything to go by but I played on the wii fit thing a few weeks ago at mums and on the scale of - underweight-obese I fit in perfectly to the "normal" section. My BMI could be better but I can work on that :D.

So I am happy with my body, I like my ribs showing, My hip bones, my chunky thighs and my almost hourglass figure. My body is ME and I LOVE IT!! I don't need some random internet idiot telling me they are surprised I don't feel like shit everyday due to not eating enough - the only time I feel slightly shit is when I have little tw@ts being rude to me for no good reason.

Signed -

The holocaust survivor
the anorexic on her death bed
and the girl who should feel like shit every day because she is so skinny..

(Not really)

Signed -

Chrissie - the curvy lass who loves her body and will continue sharing it to everyone who wants to view it..


  1. Send 'em my way - I'll let them know what I think of their fat, cottage cheese asses ;)

    But seriously, you have a great figure - a model's figure. You have way too much common sense to starve yourself.

    The nation is getting gradually fatter, which means that models are looking skinnier and skinnier by comparison. The average woman's waist now is 6" bigger than it was 50 years ago. Obesity is killing this country, and yet the Daily Fail will just go on and on about skinny models, as if that's the actual problem.

  2. Thanks Bitch...

    (There is no way to say that without sounds like I'm insulting you).

    6 inches?! thats mental... I remember even when I was a young teen the average dress size was a 10/12 and now its more like a 14/16. I imagine when I get older it will get bigger and bigger and soon they will need to make bigger doorways and things.

    I was away from home last week, I spent the weekend eating and sleeping... I think I had more to eat at the weekend than most people eat in a fortnight just to make up for my bad eating habits last week.


  3. Vanity sizing doesn't really help when it comes to delusions either - not only are people bigger according to their size (going from about 10/12 to 14/16 in less than a generation), but the actual dress sizes are bigger too! Back in Marilyn Monroe's day, she was considered 'curvy' - a size 14-16. Actual measurements? 36-22-36. Her waist is 2 inches smaller than the typical fashion model. There's a huge difference between curvy and fat - and this 'real women have curves' crap just makes me want to punch people in their ovaries. Hard.

  4. This has kind of triggered a rant post - do you mind me linking to you for context?


  5. Absolutely not, feel free MB :D

    It will make me feel less bad for moaning haha


  6. http://modelbitch.blogspot.com/2011/04/shes-not-skinny-youre-just-used-to.html

  7. Hey beautiful :)

    Dont let folk get you down missus! You are absolutely perfect the way you are....as you would be if you were three stone heavier! lol

    I always get shit for being too skinny to. It's not so much my ribs that stick out though, it's my breast bone and collar. No matter how much weight I put on, they're still there. It's just me.I just dont listen to those kind of comments anymore. And I totally agree, if you went onto a curvier models page and commented on a photo "Oh my god you're so fat, better put down the fork", I'm sure you'd get raged at! It's ridiculous!

    Good on you for having a rant and dont let them get you down :)

    Signed another girl who should feel like shit ever day for being so skinny

  8. I was life modelling recently and I swear I heard a woman who was - how an I put this - rotund, whisper to her friend 'she needs to eat some chips'.

    It seems that in this day and age, being a decent, healthy weight is no longer acceptable. With the the 'average' body being comparatively diferent to a 'healthy' body, people like yourself will occasionally get the odd stupid comment. It is you that wins in the end though :)

  9. In a very naff, Bridget-Jones-esque moment, I'm going to say this.

    I love you just the way you are.

    (Not that I love you or anything, I just love the way you look. Or something like that. Seriously guys, stop hating on this girlie.)

  10. Thanks soo much everyone for the comments..

    I know it sounds soppy but I can actually feel the love on my blog right now and that makes me happy. :D

    @ Jody..
    I suppose in a way we are lucky that we do have prominent "bits" but they are not all prominent. I love viable collar bones, I think they look awesome but then I'm not an insecure size 16 who appears to hate everyone who doesn't look like their ideal.

    I can't believe that would happen in a life modelling class, seriously though although neither of us are at all shy about our bodies I know other peoples reactions to what I do is "OMG that must be embarrassing" - lets face it we are de-sensitised to being around people with no clothes on but it is still a big thing to have the confidence to sit infront of a room of people looking at you. You would think people in an artclass would be a little more mature than that really and not make silly little comments about the person who has the balls to sit up there nude!!

    @Charlotte -
    Jesus Lady it has been too long, where have you been hiding?? Somewhere nice I hope.. Its ok - you can love me, only if I get to love you back xxx