Thursday, 21 May 2009

Ohh Im off down south!!

Well not yet, dont leave till July but Im really excited!

My anxiety has stopped me doing soo much over the past 8 years, infact I still cant believe Im doing a little tour.. and getting on a train, living out of a suitcase and im excited about it? Arranging this has left me with soo much more respect and admiration for the full time models who do this almost every day, once I get home I might be thinking "christ full time models are all mad for living like that".

I have enjoyed my other trips away for shoots, granted it was skye/loch carron/weekends in glasgow/Polmont trips.. This time I will be alone for the most part. My trips going to start nice though, ease myself into it. Pauls travelling down to Wolverhampton with me on the train (So I dont need to do it alone) originally I was only popping in to see a photographer and it would be a stop off point but Paul and I decided that we would just stay in Wolverhampton for 3/4 days and have a little break. Means I will recover from my longest train ride in history haha. Then I am off to Bournemouth (on my own...), working with 3 people down there - Spending like 5 days down in Bournemouth then getting the train (alone again) up to Reading where I will be staying with my sister. Ive not advertised my trip on forums or looked to be getting shoots publically, Only private messaged people I would be interested in working with or people who have shown an interest in working with me for a long period of time and I seem to be filling up days which is nice. Going over to Guildford too which will be nice.

So yeah Im scared... shitting it but like I said to someone else today - one of the only things that gives me pleasure is image creation and that will be the reward for all the travelling so any panic attacks will be more than worth it. I just need to remind myself that I CAN do this :D

Anyway.. enough blabbing, Its after 3am..


Chrissie does south of England

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