Thursday, 1 April 2010

Exhibition and other things :-)

Well the sun is out in Perth today but its blooming freezing so all the heaters are cranked up and I have a nice wooly hat on :-)

Had a few shoots since my last up-date, not received images back yet so will have to be patient.
Was out on location at the weekend with the amazing Greek photographer - Demetrios Drystellas and as usual with him I had a fantastic time. Rory came along to act as a look out and even shot a few of his own pictures of me which was nice. We were up Kinnoull hill which looks over Perth, not sure how we managed to shoot there without being caught by cyclers/dogwalkers and random people on a sunny day out but Im happy we avoided getting red faced.

So yes.. the title of my post is the reason for my post!

Last year a fantastic model mentioned a local photographers name to me and suggested I get in touch with him as he doesn't frequent model and photographer sites. I popped off an email and heard back from him about project which was for an exhibition. Having never been part of an exhibition before I literally jumped at the chance! Its always a good feeling to know something you have been part of will be shared with so many people.

Anyway I almost forgot about the exhibition as the images were shot last summer, my good friend the photographer David Hunt was mailing me about something else and happened to mention he was doing all the frames for the exhibition. So yesterday I met up with David and his wife at the place the exhibition is on, the frames were beautiful and some of the pieces of work there was breathtaking. It was the first time I had seen the images from the shoot I had done so long ago. The other photograph the photographer had in from the exhibition was one of katyt and I was honoured to be in such company!

The official opening is at the weekend, Im going to pop my head in to say hello if they let me past the door :-)

So yes if anyone reading this ever drives past Perth or wants to give it a little look then you should pop in. Its in Perth Concert hall for the next 2 months (I think) then moves to other various cities. There is around 100 pieces showcased and the work is all by photographers in Perthshire. The images are to celebrate Perth 800 anniversary and well worth a visit!
The landscape prints just remind me how bloody lucky I am to live in such a beautiful region of Scotland.

Right thats me off, housework to do and other boring stuff

I will post images on my next update

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