Sunday, 14 March 2010

A nice early morning up-date

Well I'm up super early this morning - Rory is off to London working until tomorrow and the house is dark so theres no way I'm getting back to sleep. We were watching a film called paranormal activity on Saturday night and it has put the fear into me. Seriously worth watching if you like feeling slightly creeped out for a few days lol.

While awake I thought I would check into my messages and had one from Scott who I worked with last week, he sent over a couple of images. Both shot on film I believe :-) The second one is an ice table.. He mentioned in the car about his 'chess' idea and I thought "cool never done that before". Anyways me likey!

Not sure what to do now...
I know I wont be able to get back to sleep and I think reading my new twilight book will be too quiet (still freaked out after watching that film). Maybe some quality time should be spend catching up with bbc iplayer, I hardly get the chance to watch tv much these days.

Anyways adios


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