Thursday, 11 March 2010


Well its a beautiful Thursday morning and for a change rather than running about before a shoot I'm actually pretty chilled out/relaxed and in a fantastic mood. Sipping on some hot sugary tea.. The only thing thats bothering me is that the livingroom heater has decided to not work again (3rd heater in just over a month). Might see if Brian knows anything about heater repairs!

Waiting for Mr Brian Martin to come over and shooting some french type images which should be fun. Had a great time the last time Brian and I shot! Infact waiting for the UKPM book to arrive to see one of our images on the cover yey!

I'm feeling super lucky today, can't really explain it.. The great mood might just be down to the sun coming out and bookings coming in again. who knows? I'm looking forward to the summer again, can't wait to get out again more often. Still waiting from images back from Scott, itching to see them!

I have been learning about layer masks on photoshop, Jay Mawson told me his technique so I've been messing about with a recent shot Rory took of me. Still not 100% happy with the editing yet though so I will go back to it with fresh eyes.

Think thats about all for now.

Adios xx

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