Friday, 12 March 2010

Ouch.. I remember that feeling from before!

Well the shoot with Brian went really well, have seen all the images and theres a fair few which I think look super!! one even makes my large bum look less large so can't wait for him to do his processing of it.

So the title..
my back, I remember when I started modelling I would suffer the next day, when I was shooting several times a week I was using my back alot so it didn't bother me too much. I guess I only really go into the poses and positions I go into during shoots so its no surprise that the next day my back is a little tender. Having cut back on shoots recently Its only just flared up today. If you can imagine a 1 month to go pregnant lady or a very old frail woman then you wont have any problems pictuing what I was like in the book shop today while bending down to look at 'how to be a shit hot manager' books for Rory. At one point I didn't think I could actually get back up from the kneeling position! It's just a reminder to me that I have to practice my poses more and warm up a little before shoots rather than coming close to dislocating my back without stretching first.

The good thing is that after a nice massage tonight It will be back to normal.

Next month is set to be looking pretty busy, got a fair few bookings in now and many of them are out on location which has always been my faviourite setting for art nudes. The best thing about location work is the range of things you can do, the sky is your limit and even if you went to the same place a million times you will always come out with something different because the sun and clouds are always moving!

Anyway.. time for me to get on with some housework and cleaning. Rory is going away to London/Northampton next week for work so better make sure he has enough clean socks for his little trip.


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