Friday, 30 April 2010

A day out with a friend...

Well yesterday I went out with Simon, its been 18 months since our first shoot so we thought we could go down to the location which we first worked at together. Not especially to shoot though, we have not seen each other in a couple of months so had a little picnic ready and lots to catch up onIts a really special place to me, never worked down there with anybody else before nor have i worked there with anyone else since that first shoot and thats the way it will stay :D
As a child my grandad and i went on bike rides down that way. The first time Simon and i worked there we didn't see anybody for hours, i was able to move from one location to the other with no clothes on rather than having to hide every so often because of dog walkers.. It wasn't as quiet yesterday though but we did get a couple of pictures.

Heres a little sneaky peek at one of the pictures from last weekend :-)
Still waiting on the other ones..

by David Hunt
Left to Right -

Joceline , me, Madame Bink & Ivory Flame

Right time for me to get off, need to get my bags packed for tonight. Going down to Livingston for a little night time session then tomorrow we are off down to Glasgow to work with the wonderful Valentina Velvet :D


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