Wednesday, 5 May 2010

An evening in Livi

I have lots of update on so here is the first of the bunch really.
I had a little last minute shoot on Friday afternoon/early evening with Hugh (pictaker), dashed from his house down to Livingston for another shoot so Friday was a little mad!

Stu - Ludditewas awesome to work with, Simon came along to help with the lights a little and I lost count of the amount of tea I was served. He was such an easy person to work with and I had a smashing time :D

Here are some of the images, for someone who has never really shot a model before Stu done pretty well in my book.

Hopefully he is happy with the outcome of having me over :D

I got home at about 2am and decided to be lazy and park outside the flat, got up on Saturday to find a parking ticket :-(

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