Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Quick update busy times

The computer is saying I have 9 minutes until my battery dies, I have to go cash some cheques in so this is a quick post today with some images. Went to the beach with Rory and Si at the weekend, we had lots of fun! :D I got some nasty blisters though which was not so good :-(

Monday night the Neighbours, Amieboo (who was staying with us) and us lot went out to scoff on chinese food.. I managed to eat more than Amie.
Monday we all went out (including the neighbours) to do some location stuff, Poor Gav didn't know where to look so kept getting shouts like 'DONT LOOK IM NAKED' called at him. Was amusing.. The water was actually rather warm, really great location for shoots which I had never spotted before.

Image below by Doddy - Aka Amie

Crap i was looking for a shot of me and Amie which Rory shot but I cannot find it at the moment and the battery is about to go.

Soo much cool things are happening, Rory and I are shooting some stuff for the cutting room in Perth, going to check out their available any day now.

Anyways im off to the bank and to go stock up on juice, its soo bloody hot here at the moment!

I will update in a less rushed fashion in the next couple of days because I have other shoots to update on and stuff eeeek xxxxx

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  1. Love the shot from Amie!