Saturday, 12 March 2011

Here are some recent out-takes :D

Well I'm awake early, its snowing outside ( or a tleast its looking pretty slushy).
On Monday at this time I will be freaking out about my dental appointment so thats not something I'm looking forward too, but there is a little happiness in the horizon in the form of doing a video shoot with some stills on Wednesday. The videographers work is bloody out of this world so looking forward to having him stay over on the Tuesday evening so we can go through ideas in more detail although I think I have the jist of it.

On Thursday Rory and I had Shep over, we ended up at the pub which was nice as I rarely go out to pubs. I think we spent too much on the silly quiz machine but we won £1.30 (obviously fired it straight back in and lost it).

As models who Rory and I have worked with before will know I tend to be the "light test" model, here I am in my finest get-up modelling a lantern on a shoot we had last weekend with the awesome Maz :D

Ok I seem to be working in a very strange order but who cares.. Try to keep up :-)
Here is some shots Rory got yesterday while I was shooting with Shep, the amazing thing is that the location we had in mind (but none of us had ever ventured into) was bloody huge, an old abandoned hotel... Sadly only a few of the rooms had any light in them at all and they were at the end of a long corridor with very very bad rotten wood and none of us felt like falling through the floor just to end up in a plain white bedroom. We did scout through the large halls, although they were all in total darkness I know if you had a shit load of lights in there something good could come of it but with one flashgun it wasn't going to work, I got some pictures with my little snapshot camera (mainly using the flash as a torch to avoid holes in the floor) none of them looked very good and I'm not sure where the wire for that camera is just now but it wont be worth the effort to find it just for some badly lit images of a big room.

Anyhow, god was obviously on our side today. While on the way to the original location we passed by another abandoned hotel and took mental note of dropping in to have a look on our way back to Perth if we had time, we had lots of time so thats where we ended up.. A little sliding through a fence and we were in, although there was not as much space in the 2nd hotel and we couldn't get up the stairs (wet/rot) or into many of the downstairs rooms the 3 rooms we could get into had enough light and were pretty photogenic so we could finally start some shooting!! Here are some of Rorys shots of the location.

Ok so 2 locations down, 1 a complete failure ... the other was much better.

We decided on some fashion over at a castle which was also on our way back home :D

Again Rory was on official out-take duties, he's actually pretty good at it!

Just spotted one I done a quick edit on which I have fallen in love with <3

Anyways after all the fun of that we all came home and had pizza, then lived happily ever after...

Not really, Shepy and I had another shoot indoors..

Rory and I had soo much fun having Shepy over for the evening and spending the day with him, we are a little bit scardy cats when it comes to going into dark old places so it was nice having a professional urban explorer leading the way with a face full of piercings to scare away any locals :D

Can't wait to hang out with him again..

I do have more out-takes from the Makepiece shoot I had last month down in Leeds but I think I have said more than enough for one morning so I will leave them for another day as well as some of the shots which I have been meaning to post!



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