Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Some Selfportraits..

Ok have to admit the first 2 images posted were not self portraits, just ones Rory shot the same evening which I rather liked so thought I would include them in this blog (Don't say I'm not good to you).

I managed to figure out how to use the tripod (its only taken me like 2 years to learn) but to be fair to myself the old one wasn't working so always sat on a wonky slant. I find it really difficult shooting myself, I had to use a big bit of cardboard so I knew where the focus point was then had to switch to manual focus and try to stay in the same position as the cardboard was, another problem was the tripod wouldn't go high enough to get me in so I had to "erm" make myself shorter by no tip toes and bending my knees a fair bit which isn't the most attractive of positions when viewed further out. Plus I am so used to making myself as long and tall as I possibly can so having to do the opposite with my lower half was strange.

Its pretty cool though being in complete control, moving the lights when I wanted to and the camera although was a pain in the backside running back and forth to press the shutter, tell you what it was a good work out though so I'm not complaining too much :-)

In other random news I have lots of exciting projects coming up soon including shooting a video with someone in a few weeks time who is a fantastic videographer/photographer, will be something a little bit different for me. I've also started going through my dental treatment, I broke a little bit of one of my teeth about 2 months ago and after 6 years of being afraid of the dentist I managed to go in for a checkup. Sadly I think the dentist knows I was only desperate to get the annoying visable tooth fixed so she has started filling the other ones first. I hate being out of control of bodily functions its one of the things which excels my anxiety - I was physically shaking for the first half an hour and refused to get the injection (then quickly changed my mind after 5 minutes of drilling). Anyway I was a brave girl and managed to get 2 fillings. Now I'm not so scared of the 6 I still have to get, although there is also an extraction on the cards which I'm going to avoid like the plague! Next appointment is in 2 weeks so I have my fingers crossed she can fix my broken tooth so I can smile properly again :D

Time for bed, work in the morning ahhhhh


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