Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Pictures for Makepiece :D

Well I did mention before about my recent shoot for eco knitwear company based in Todmorden, England. Here are some of the shots from the day :D Was an honour shooting for their Autumn/Winter collection 2011. They do have some beautiful clothes and I have to admit they really do make you feel beautiful while wearing them, they went on like a dream and it was defiantly much warmer wearing these than I am usually :D

You know I always go on about my trusty jumper which I take to pretty much every shoot I go to, well I think others would be wise to seek their own "naked jumper" over on the makepiece website.

 Found this online, which is a picture from the Exhibition they had at London Fashion week...
So technically I might not have been in London but I was there .. On the wall anyway :D

Right off to bed for me now, I have a shoot in the morning..

Had a bloody awesome shoot earlier today.. Very different to my usual style - was a fashion type short video we were filming.. Really can't wait to see how it turned out, we also tried a couple of other slightly experimental filming and photographing so it will be something totally different to what I have done before!! EEEEEEEEKKKK...

Right sleep time so I am all rested for tomorrow :D

fingers crossed the weather is nice


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