Saturday, 21 February 2009


That was my arty attempt at taking a picture of my new Ballet shoes, dont know if it works or not but I bloody love them.. and my new legwarmers that arrived! Cant wait to get naked wearing only them :)

This week I've done bugger all basically, spent too long on the computer and not enough time infront of a camera! - infact no.. thats a lie, me and Paul seem to be sitting spending full days together over on msn with his new webcam and mine we can watch each other drink tea or pulling silly faces like ----- this one! -----

We then decided to make up a game... Taking pictures of ourselves then editing them.. The first ones my attempt, he used a slightly different image but mines looks better (I think)...

This is my gorgeous boy, he is "airbrushed to fuck".. Yes I really know how to bring out his features with the aid of photoshop :P

I know these are hardly art nude location images but its been a pretty fun night and Ive not been naked once :-) tomorrow we are going to play another game with our cameras.. If the weather stays nice then we will, or we will just sit and spend the whole day online again. I was ment to be doing location nudes tomorrow but been waiting all week for the photographer to contact me so looks like it will be another day wth my clothes on! This long distance relationship stuff is killing me!!

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  1. I like your ballet shoe picture. Makes me nostalgic, I used to love getting new ballet shoes - all pink and shiny - then smashing the toe! hehe!