Monday, 2 February 2009

First Post!


I would introduce myself but I presume if you are here then you already know who I am. Thanks to Simon for persuading me into getting one of these things. I am rubbish with technology so apologies in advance if I post this wrong or end up with only text becase pictures are too difficult!

I guess we all have to start someplace :-)
Now I am annoyed I never started this at the beginning of the year. I suppose I can remember it so far so I will just backtrack and fill you in..

My year started wih a trip up to Alex Ingrams with my good friend Simon Pole, we spent 3 days up in Loch Carron. Absoloutly beautiful place, the views were amazing (im talking about the hills).

After coming home from the Highlands I had a few days off, to recover from the slight chill my body experienced up there :-) I met up with the beautiful Evelyn Rouge, who is a fellow model chick from perth. Grabbed a coffee and spent too much money, but I got myself a tutu ;-)

The weekend of the tutu - 10th/11th of Jan -
I was running slightly late for my shoot with McInnes, my brother in law was driving me down to Glasgow that morning and the one way system confused us both. I ended up jumping out the car at George Square.. I wasnt too late though :) McInnes and Dave Mc were in awe of my amazing tutu so I pretty much kept it on for the whole weekend, having any form of clothing on is pretty impressive!!

Heres a couple of the images -After surviving my 4 hours with Dave Mc and Ian McInnes I went over to my dear friend Billy's - AKA Monkey Twizzle, were as per usual I got covered in random things found in most kitchens. We always have a habit of starting with the most messy.. that night it was treacle, all over my new bra. I guess it serves me right for wearing one. Typical really!

So after a night at the Twizzles, staying up watching the IT crowd, eating toast and being merry Simon came to get me on the Sunday afternoon! :-D I never said it at the time but it ment alot to me that they both met, I work with Simon and Billy most so its kinda sweet that they said hi to each other.. I just hope next time they have more time for a wee chatty or something! they can share tips on how to keep me still :-) So last but not least it was Simons turn to shoot me in my tutu, I know he was totally not wanting to shoot the tutu but I made him and thats what friends are for right?!

I remember being really tired after that weekend, I REALLY needed my bed... with a cup of tea and some toast ofcourse! I had a few days off then Went over to see the talented Robin Frowley, for a little change we decided to shoot from his flat.. We wanted underwater type headshots but me being me I messed that up, I forgot about not being able to breathe underwater and ended up swollowing loads :( never mind, we got a good picture and thats all that matters really! This image gives me an uneasy feeling, not figured out why yet it just does.
Popped over to see Dylan in Dundee (sonofthesea) to get covered in clay and act like a witch, was a good afternoon :-) was kinda chilly though!I decided to take two weeks break, figure my head out a little and figure out why I am doing what I do. Is it creating art or keeping people happy? I had a bad experience before christmas and worked with someone who really didn't deserve my time and it left me feeling a bit used and I hated it. Also had some man problems and the last thing I wanted to do was stand infront of a camera, I felt fat and just "meh".. after a few days my head was sorted out and my diary was blank, I was bored out of my skull! Lucky Simon came to the rescue and popped over to shoot me! We went on a trip to St Andrews and I got nude on a golf course! alsoOk that took alot longer than I thought it would, now I have learned a lesson.....
Never do a 1 month long blog of what I have been up to :-)


  1. You have been busy!
    Welcome to this rather strange world :)
    Well Tom (aka “The Watcher” ha ha) beat me to it as usual, no surprises there then :D

  2. Toms a blogging whore thats why! :P
    he loves the blog so much he has two haha.


  3. hahah i'm thinking of having more than just those 2 as well ;)

    and yup i am a blogging whore :)