Thursday, 2 July 2009

Factory with Fozzie

Well yesterday was spent with Paul and Fozzie in a factory, it only cost a bottle of whiskey to the security guard to let us in and we got to play around alot. Paul and I have been working on a series of images shooting in very different locations, this was one of them. Fozzies has lots of great locations around, as a thank you to him (and because I cant help myself sometimes) we done some nudes while we were there. Heres a few of my favourites.

Got a few shoots this month before I go away, taking things easy. Going out with Simon at the weekend so hopefully we can do some water type stuff because the heat at the moment is killing me. Should be shooting again next week with someone else too then a couple more shoots and I will be off. Really excited and ready for my trip, still dont have a clue what I am doing with most people Im working with! Scary though in that I might need to upgrade all my portfolios so I can fit in the pictures haha.

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