Monday, 1 November 2010

Been a tadge busy...

I'm forgetting what I have done recently and fallen behind on lots... Sorry!

Wednesday I was out shooting with Craig Mcguire, I think I have some pictures from him on my other computer and I know theres an email in my inbox I have to reply too but as always with e-mails I know if i sit down and reply to 1 I will get 5 more eeek. Sorry Craig :(

Friday I was out meeting a photographer and on the way home I decided to take some pictures beside the river... Which is the first picture on this page.

Saturday I was down in Contrast working with Andy Ritchie doing mainly artnude type images, It was the morning from hell (not the working with him part but everything before it). I hate being late for people, infact it made me cry because I was soo worried. So off to the train station I went, thinking I would arrive in Glasgow with at least 45 minutes to spare and gabber/do my makeup, an announcement came out saying the train was delayed by approx 25 minutes (it was the type of announcement that you know if you waited around the delay would get longer and longer and then just be cancelled) so thinking on my feet I called my mum, asked her if Rory could borrow her car, so we ran along to her work all my bags in tow and called her insurance people, sat on the phone for 30 minutes in a state worrying about the battery going dead or them saying no, we finally got through and I gave them all the details, apparently they were unable to put him on the insurance.. So we were back at square 1.. I had 1 hour to get to Glasgow and no transport to get there, this is when I started crying.. We had a last ditch attempt at getting a car, Rory contacted a workfriend and she said yes, while she was calling her insurance we ran for a taxi and thought even if we get to her house and find out we cannot immediately put him on the insurance it would be better than being even more late by sitting around in town. We arrived at her house, she was still on the phone (grrr). I called contrast, explained to Con (the owner) about my nightmare morning and he said he can switch the booking times by 1 hour and explain to the photographer what was going on, I was thankful but still felt like a div. At 12.52 we finally got on the motorway (my shoot was originally meant to start at 1) and with the roadworks on the way and average speed of 40 MPH I knew even getting there at 2 would be amazing.. So with the foot very firmly down we arrived in Glasgow city centre at 2.08, there was so much traffic so I decided to just jump out the car and make a run for it... Sadly when I was 2 minutes away from the studio I noticed Rory driving by infront of me... ARRRRHHH! Anyways I made it, thankfully the photographer was cool about it all but it could have been much worse... I usually have little sympathy for people who no-show or make up crap excuses but being in the situation where I really couldn't have done anything else has made me think again about how somethings are really out with out control. If Jenny never let us borrow her car I would have been totally and utterly f£$ked which would have resulted in a no-show from my part.. Although in the back of my head getting a taxi was the last option.

So after my frantic fluffing around on Saturday I was shattered by bed time. Sunday Rory and I decided to go do some autumn fashion (or well stuff with clothes on). We took a walk down the riverside and had some take away coffee with us to keep our fingers warm. I collected some leaves because I want to do something with leaves soon. We got home and done some stuff with my new skirt :D

Now its Monday, I'm shooting Tomorrow in the flat (in the middle of tidying just now), also shooting on Thurday and Friday this week so its a little bit more than my usual average shoots a week just means when the weekend comes I can chill out a little and catch up on E-mails/Editing and everything else I have been putting off doing this week eeeeeeeek..


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