Monday, 22 November 2010


Well I had a very mad week (was fantastic) but mad.
As I have mentioned before I was sending Rorys mum and my mum on a cruise, well the time arrived. 3am wakeup to drive down to the airport the weather was horrible driving down. It felt really strange seeing our parents walk off together to catch a plane, if the weather had been better we would have took some pictures but it was windy/raining and dark.

Seeing as we were in Glasgow anyway we arranged to meet up with Demetrios (a nice young Greek photographer I had worked with a couple of times before),He is leaving Scotland destination unknown but more than likely will end up in London or Ireland so we had to see him before he left we also needed a little hand shopping in calumet.. We had a little bit of money to burn and going in alone was not wise.. We ended up only spending a small % of what we thought we would (somehow in the week our parents were away we managed to burn all the money on other things though). By the time we got back to Rorys mums house that evening we were shattered... (we didn't know it at the time but we picked up a speeding ticket in mums car on the way back home... dammit).

Saturday we went up to Perth to pick up more of our stuff, I needed to get some clothes to shot in and collect my makeup.. I think we done a little shoot on Saturday afternoon (no pics edited yet though). We also investigated a building I had spotted last year when I was down visiting his mum, its an old hotel... The door is wide open but we were both too scared to just walk in! lol

Sunday we headed off back to Glasgow to work with Sarah (Valentina Velvet), we booked contrast for a few hours because we really were not wanting to trust the weather forecast that day. I shot Sarah a little at the end and Rory shot us both, I even got to wear one of Sarahs big gowns along with a beautiful gold and ivory corset.. It was nice to feel like a princess!

We did find some snow on the way home but it was dark/cold and scary so it wasn't as productive as the studio haha!
Sarah as always was fantastic, she really is one of the nicest people I know. She won the title of ultimate rock chick (I think thats what it was called) for Rock radio a couple of days later so mucho congratulations to her for that.

Monday was another trip to Perth, picking up a camera from one of Rorys friends. He was shooting the beautiful Esther Kungu in Edinburgh that evening and our camera might have struggled a little. I was acting as an assistant, as was Craig mcguire and we had Nicola our hairstylist from team hallway along doing the hair..

Never thought we would shoot outside the parliment buildings, the police went past but didn't bat an eyelid :D we also had a few drunks standing about watching.

We didn't get back home until after midnight, was a really long day but worth it. I say it all the time but I am really proud of Rory and how is photography is coming along.

Tuesday we had a little shoot together in Rorys mums garden (not edited yet either)... He has only
done one edit from this lot and its not my favourite but here it is..

Then here is some by the fire, I actually burnt my leg while shooting this..

Its amazing how the 5d actually makes my legs look a million times longer!! :D

Wednesday I think was more pissing about going from our flat to Rorys mums with stuff.. We needed 2 car trips iin the end getting it all back home with us..

Thursday I was planning on going into Edinburgh but by the time we woke up and got ourselves sorted I didn't have time. I went some shopping in Dunfermline though which was nice :D just got little bits and pieces for our bus museum shoot which was on Friday.. (I will do another blog with that)..

I think thats all I got up to :D

I know its turned into a bit of epic reading but nevermind..

Next post will be pictures.. Thats a promise!


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