Monday, 22 November 2010

Bus museum

Well heres the pictures I promised, I have to be honest though there are soo many I love so I might have picked the wrong ones but Im sure we will continue editing them slowly and putting them up. I LOVE them!

Thank you so much to the Scottish Vintage Bus museum for letting us shoot there, Can't believe Rory never told me before that his bestfriends dad runs the place!! I left a pair of shoes there so we will have to go back!! was bloody cold though so maybe hold off until summer. I think he said there was over 100 busses there. He opened for us and just left us to it.

I also got to work with a bloody kick ass MUA for this shoot - June Long, I really couldn't have dreamed for someone nicer. She is a star and I hope she likes the pictures as much as we do!!


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