Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A poem by Sarah

Big thanks to the beautiful Valentina Velvet for writing this poem about me!!
Was such a nice surprise to see it in my inbox so thought I would share it here.

Chrissie Red - A Mental Scots Chick

There was a tall Scots chick called Chrissie Red,
Professional art nude who loves tea, toast and bed.
There was never a figure you ever did see,
She bends into shapes that confound you and me!

She's such a crazy lady who suffers no fools,
And good on her, 'cause there are lots of tools,
Who masquerade as togs behind shiny Nikons,
Imitating David Bailey, their favourite icon.

The 6ft goddess is a freckled red head,
With legs to die for and a brilliant street cred,
Renowned for her humour and sharp witted ways,
You'd be wise to listen to the advice that she says.

She's professional, friendly and funny to boot,
She'll strip off her naked-jumper and do poses to suit,
But only if you're a photographer with her kind of style,
Like Eddie, Barone, Paul Cox and Nick Giles.

You'd be mad not to book her and see her in action,
She's different to the norm and thats the attraction,
She'll give you images you could hang on your wall,
She's a down to earth girl with beauty and all.


I also posted a nice picture of us from our last shoot together, we are all working together on Sunday so very excited about that :D



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  1. Yay, you're welcome and can't wait for Sunday!