Saturday, 6 November 2010

A day in Perthshire with Ian Patterson!

Well technically its Sunday now but I will still think of it as Saturday seeing as I have not went to bed yet :D
I was out yesterday (technically not actually yesterday but the day before).

Ian is from a little bit further up north and he fancied doing some autumn type stuff with me (the trees kinda match my hair colour ya know).. Off we went, it was a bloody miserable day for weather, actually pissing it down thankfully it stopped for a short while enough for us to get me in a field and make the most of the sun while it was out.

I would say we got lost and walked miles in the wrong direction and ask a priest for directions but no way did that happen ;-)

Anyway here are some of the pictures, Thanks soo much to Ian for sending me them over. I had a great day despite the crappy weather and I wont forget the 5th of november in a hurry!

Next blog will be my firework pictures.

Rory and I were meant to shoot a model today but she decided at 8.30am that she had flu, we wont be bothering with her in the future.. Not that we were put out but we really can't be bothered with flakey models who can't be arsed coming to a shoot, considering she had never shot before and was getting the travel costs back we thought it was kinda rude.. The 2 negative no-show feedbacks on her profile should have given it away but we gave her the benefit of the doubt..



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