Thursday, 4 November 2010

Time is going too quickly....

Ok so I have been shooting my butt off recently, still waiting on pictures and no doubt will upload some when they arrive. As some of you know, I won a cruise a few months ago online... Sadly my anxiety wouldn't stand for the travel and staying on a boat so my mum and mother in law are going, it only hit me last night that its next Friday they go away, We are designated cat sitters so will be based down at Rorys mums house for most of the week, We have a fair list of plans.. The pictures attached to this blog are from a random day we went out over the summer and just took a couple of shots quickly in the field as the sun was setting. Its these type of pictures that are special to me because if Rory had never learned to use the camera it wouldn't have been possible unless I happened to be out with another photographer at the right time.

I have been thinking about some things recently, and I'm sure I wont be the only model who sometimes feels like this.. I have seen thousands of images of me over the years, some awesome at the back of the camera/ some terrible and some which have the potential to be something really special if processed with care and time and that vision.. I have no control usually over how things are edited sometimes Im asked to edit for people but usually not. Its frustrating seeing beautiful nude images which just need a tiny bit of work on them come out looking bad because of bad editing.

Meh... I guess im a little spoilt sometimes, If Rory edits something and I think it could be better I tell him.

So while we are away we plan on shooting some new models, or well different models. One of which is a fantastic fashion model, 6ft tall and beautifully stunning, she is signed to one of the agencys up here too so will be nice to work with her.


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