Saturday, 3 November 2012


Can't really remember if I mentioned the fake spider webs I bought last week but I did get around to using them - in my hair to start off with.

I have had that latex dress for about 3 years now and I haven't really used it much at all - Maybe 2 shoots so I thought it was time it got a little airing. Its by HMS Latex. Really glad it still fits me!

Hat by Hat in the cat (ofcourse)

These were my ideas with the webs, using them to kind of frame me. I was going to try doing it as a self portrait but I figured out it might be a little too tricky doing it on my own so Rory was only too happy to do his thing. So camera in one hand and weird webby stuff in the other around the lens. We have used material before, its pretty funky the effect which it made. Almost like smoke in some of them.

Must experiment more!

I was out earlier this week shooting with Paul, which was good fun. We just had a little play around, I'm looking forward to seeing one set in particular as the lighting was beautiful coming through the window!

I have a couple of things on next week, and will no doubt fill up some of my free time by taking pictures of myself and getting Rory to shoot me in some more hats. I still have 4 to do, we are planning a little studio session one evening though - will be nice to have a different background!!


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