Sunday, 4 November 2012

I hate bad hair days!

 Thankfully the afternoon I posed for these images wasn't one of them.

I think the years of dying my hair and pulling it out because of my anxiety and frustration at myself has left it pretty screwed. I still have a fear of letting anybody else touch it - apart from Mum and my old stylist/ nextdoor neighbour Nickie (must sort a shoot out with her soon actually.. I miss her so much).

It dawned on me the other day just how much I miss having her around. Growing up mum always says "never be too close with your neighbours incase you have a falling out".. I never fell out with Nicke, it was awesome just having somebody other than Rory close by for girly chats, the fact she was a phenomenal stylist was just a bonus really. Half the time we didn't need to plan anything because when i was inspired she was just a few feet away. Another bonus to having a Nickie next door was the fact she is the typical girly girl which is the polar opposite of me, she taught me so much!

Anyway I was happy with my hair that day, I cut it myself the evening before the shoot - its never advised to cut hair yourself but I guessed with mum being a hairdresser and the fact I worked in a salon for the early part of my teens it would be a doddle.. I'm sure the next time Nickie gets her hands on my hair she will be outraged!

I also got to make good use of my new skirt, Rorys mum gave me it as part of my birthday. It was from monsoon and felt lovely on!

I have a fairly busy week ahead really. Lots more hats to shoot and going out for a day with a couple of local female photographers on Wednesday which should be fun. The funny thing is I messaged one of them months ago and never heard back, I thought she didn't like me.. Turns out she never got the message woops! Facebooks fault really so I'm glad her non reply didn't mean she hated me or my work.

As I said before - rejection isn't nice but we deal with it.. So my "rejection" wasn't actually a rejection at all which has cheered me up no end.

I'm also planning some self portraits and fancy painting a wall in the attic at somepoint, its quite cold up there but its a room I rarely use for shoots so I'm going to rectify that. I have Dark Grey/Light Grey/ White/Purple / Red and Black already so I need to think outside my usual box. I might paint it Green or blue could be cool.

We are kind of stopping most of the work on the house over the next few months, last year we struggled to afford christmas  - When we bought the house we kind of spent most of the savings we had as a deposit and the rest of it went on our heating/boiler/new bathroom and boring things like that (and an xbox but thats not the point) so this year we are well prepared. I'm guessing we will still be utterly broke when it comes to the week leading up to Christmas but at least everybody else will be happy with their gifts.

Anyway I'm away to exfoliate so its goodnight from me.


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