Sunday, 11 November 2012

Gates & Rocks

Well I had a little shoot with John Mcnairn this afternoon (how quick is he at editing?).

It was really quite cold today, and it seems like the usual "quiet" places were actually really rather busy today. I suppose thats what happens on a non-raining Sunday afternoon. Still I would say we done pretty well considering our overall shooting time was maybe only about 15 minutes!

The first few *above* was shot in an old harbour - by that I mean it was a big wall next to the Tay, I spotted a large gap in them which would fit me in and thought it might work well. Its nice to do some laying down shots on location rather than the usual "standing" type poses so off we went.

Another plus to that spot is that it was marginally less windy down there, although the rock was really quite cold against my body. Still I think it was worth getting cold for!

Here are a couple of other shots from the two other locations we worked in..

I was pretty much "busted" on the first shot below, thankfully my clothes were fairly close by so I managed to duck down quickly and scurry off. I would be surprised if they didn't see me nude. I really don't go out to offend people and although I'm not too "ott" when it comes to people being around I always prefer not to get caught. Still at least it happened during the shoot and not before it :D

As I mentioned before, I do have other things to blog on. Just waiting on images back from various places - or waiting on final images - it is really difficult trying to stop myself from posting the minute I get a picture back!


  1. Lovely shots both.

    "how quick is he at editing?" - hmmm, that wouldn't be me then :)

    1. Tim I know you are saving the best till last ;-)