Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Drawings by other people..

I think I've posted one or two of these on here before..

Original image by Rory
First up was by Deviant Art user  MissJaneUK

Original Image by Artpunk
Drawing by the talented Soxrule on Deviant art

Original image by Northseatiger
Heartbreak Warface by Selina Sage
Painting by Heliotrope89

I think there is a couple more of this floating around but I can't seem to find the others at the moment.

This next one was a little different, and I think it was the first time somebody has used an image of me as inspiration.

Photograph by Bob Falcolner
Drawing by Puzzle-tHING

Original shot by Andy Stratford
Drawing by 50LbHead

Photography by Bryan Allman
Edit by soxrule (again).
I was searching for this one, I loved the drawings sox done of me. The detail is awesome in both, he appears to no longer be on deviant art though which is a shame. 

Photography by NigeNW
Drawing by - Terrmith

I feel quite bad now because there are some drawings I remember vividly but cannot for the life of me remember who done them or where they are online. I may have them saved on the computer somewhere.

I may actually start to publicly say "you can use this as a reference image" on images where photographers have agreed prior to me even using the shot. Then on the ones where photographers have said no I will mention that. 

I don't mind the drawings, if they are not for commercial use. Its pretty flattering to have somebody take the time and effort to put pen/brush to paper. What I'm not so keen on is people sending me a note saying "hi i used ur pic for a college project" then a link to the image, especially if its not one of Rorys. Or when people have sent me a PM showing me some monstrosity they have done in phtooshop. Maybe I'm just more touchy when it comes to editing, I know myself how long I sit and edit and some of the "reworks" I've been sent have been bloody awful.

Still.. we all see things differently!

I will need to do this type of post again.... when I have more material for one.

Thanks again to everybody mentioned in this post you are all wonderful.


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