Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Woah I had a shoot.. amazing!

Well I had been taking some time off, I did however decide to do a couple of things while I was in London - never one to miss an opportunity. Sadly I didn't manage to fit in any time for a shoot with Steve whom I worked with last year but we grabbed a quick coffee on the Saturday .

I was a bit unsure about going, with all the shit going on at home I was scared something bad would happen and I would be helpless and miles away. Thankfully the worst didn't happen, I still wasn't completely relaxed but I did have a nice time :-)

On Friday we arrived in the early evening after a lovely 1st class trip down, usually my anxiety plays up when I'm on trains but this time it was fine, I didn't freak out once. I will put that down to the inner strength which was brought out during my recent reiki sessions. Its quite amazing how it works, you think nothing inside has changed but when you are faced with something which usually makes you anxious it actually turns out ok :-)

In the evening I faced another activity which usually my anxiety discourages me from going through with - eating out. Again I managed it fine <3 p="p">

On Saturday I had a bit of a lie in, the bed did really feel like I was sleeping on a cloud. I could easily have spent the weekend in it without venturing outside. Rory and I went down to Soho to go in search of some inspiring magazines and we weren't disappointed  :-)

In the evening we all went out to see the musical spamalot which is monty python'esk. I wasn't sure originally if it would be my cup of tea, I never watched monty python. Thankfully after the show I learned nobody else had seen it either and I wasn't the only one not laughing at the panto type simple jokes. Least I can say I experienced it, the theatre was beautiful though.

On Sunday morning I had a shoot, I booked it in early so I still had time to do things during the day light. We just used the hotel room :-) it was with Linholmes from PS. We mucked around and had a great time just shooting everything and anything in our short shoot.

Here are some shots, edited and back to me within a day is pretty bloody impressive! 

I could easily have put more images on here but I narrowed it down a bit :-) like i said t'was such a nice shoot :-)

I decided to get back into things, mum had a bit of a talk with me before I went away - she told me I cannot put my life on hold and she is right. Even though I feel guilty about getting on with life I really can't hide away forever.

So I've got a few things booked in over the next few weeks - no hiding anymore!



  1. Nice to see you post, thinking of you x

  2. Yay!...excellent stuff, good to see you getting on with it. More shoots , more images, more fun and more more more :-)