Monday, 6 December 2010

Elgin - The lovely Sarah (Zombie Sazza) & Mike (Abzloon)

Behind every great man is a great woman...
and behind every great woman is a great man......
So by my reckoning Sarah & Mike are great :D

I was going to give them separate blog entries but its so difficult to find different describing words for them, they are both such genuinely lovely people. I worked with the for a couple of hours while I was doing my studio day. They were such fun to work with!

Its soo bloody nice meeting and working with people who are as passionate about their creative work as I am!
It shows how much they love what they do and In a way they reminded me of Rory and I when we are shooting..
I guess thats also partly down to the fact Sarah is a model/photographer much like I am.. (Well I use a camera and take pictures but not really got the guts to call myself a photographer yet... one day).

So the lovely picture of my back is by Abz_zoon and the one of me with the lovely swishy red material is by Sarah!
I <3 them!!!

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