Monday, 6 December 2010

So much to update on....

I often feel like when I do a 'mass' update I miss some really super images so no more *heres a shoot from this date and heres a shoot from someone else*. Ofcourse this may take me awhile and I'm going to have to go back and read my last few entries to see where i got up to and if I can remember any funny stories I will drop them in too.

These updates are not in order and my image uploader is not letting me preview which order the images are in either which is a bummer. All these are Rorys images, we had to have another shoot with the bustle and shrug worn with a corset and I got 2 new corsets for the price of 3! :D I'm very much in love with the underbust black and white one although I wish my boobs filled out a bit more in it but never mind.

Again the bustle and shrug are curtesy of Gothic Diva Designs, we are holding onto it to shoot it against a different backdrop and outside when it gets a bit warmer than -15 (which is what its reported to be this evening).

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