Monday, 6 December 2010

and now..

Is a general update on the life of Chrissie, I have actually been pretty busy recently..
I know most people struggle in December but I'm still hitting my average weekly shoot number :D
(and no I'm not including Rory in these statistics).. Well not always ;-)

It has been so cold in Scotland recently, we spent about 10 hours getting home from Elgin (its meant to take 3 hours). The snow has been crazy, our gutter and part of the drain pipe collapsed a couple of mornings ago, thankfully it was 3am and no passers by were harmed but I got the shock of my life the sound of it scraping down the side of the building outside my bedroom window was pretty scary,, I thought someone was at our bedroom window running a knife along the pane (virtually impossible unless they also had big ladders or a cherry picker on the go and we would have heard them if they had that type of equipment).

I wish I could say I was all ready for christmas but thats a lie, I have got Rory 5 things (can't say what they are on here though because I know he reads my blog from time to time to see what I have been saying about him).. I did buy a tree and put it up, its 6ft tall and black with white lights... I have never really liked tinsel so went arty and got big black feather boas for my tree, you can hardly see them but I think it was a genius idea and i imagine by next christmas my craze will be dominating peoples livingrooms :) I have some of the presents Im sending down south to friends but still have one to buy and I don't have a bloody clue what to get him, his girlfriend said something funny but my type of humour is pretty different to most peoples for example I think 'cockpit spray and car lube' are hilarious but others just look at me like I am from another planet when I spot a tin and giggle..

Been catching up on reading recently so off to read a book before I fall asleep! Its 4am now but it was worth staying up late to do a blog, had a shoot yesterday and have another on Thursday so I'm sure I will be updating again soon. Rory is very behind with editing and I have told him to concentrate on his shoots he recently had with Sarah & Esther so I have let myself be put on the back burner so he can sort out their images!

Anyways nitey nite

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