Monday, 6 December 2010

Quincy - Elgin

Well I was booked to do a day at Elgin Studios.
I was really looking forward to it, the space was the main attraction...
Having been there I now see so many different attractions with it.
Geoff the owner really takes care of the place, everything a model might need/forget is there and he has a well stocked up fridge. Can't thank him enough for his hospitality while I was there :D

Seeing as I was going to be somewhere in a nice big studio rory booked the last hour, we have never worked in a big studio just the two of us before so it was a nice opportunity for some full length stuff which we can't do at home because of the skirting boards lol

The 'box' one was my idea, had spotted it the day before in the studio and thought it would look cool on my head... and I think I was right :D

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