Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Shoot for Makepiece!

Well a few weeks ago I was asked to go down to Todmorden to model for the eco Knitwear company Makepiece. What an honour it was getting to wear their beautiful pieces for their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection! I was sent some images but will keep a lid on them just now until I get the "thumbs up" for publishing them, here are some out-takes by Rory who was my handy assistant for the day.

Such a beautiful part of the UK. Although the names of the little villages were pretty amusing. Next time I am travelling down that way I'm soo going to get pictures with every village signpost although I can imagine that would mean me posing by street signs every 5 minutes!

Aww how I love England!!
I will post the actual pictures sometime soon hopefully

If you fancy being all cosy and wearing some beautiful ethnic knitwear please check out their website, absolute quality and very unique designs!

Chrissie xx

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