Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Another day at The Cutting Room


I think maybe we possibly spend too much time hanging out at the cutting room..
Anyhow Jade (the redhead other than me) was well prepared so we were all striped up to the max for this shot. Jades hair was done by the mighty talented Sandy who is like the grandmaster of the cutting room (well I like to think so anyway), Bex's hair was done by Nickie and I had the awesome Zara doing mine!

Obviously photograph is by my better half Rory, there was 6 models including me on Sunday so it was a bit of a mental day. The headshots of the models are for competitions so they have been given a higher editing priority than the ones of us 3 fooling around :(

I have tried editing a couple up though just to easy Rory's strain of doing it. We shot our first band last week too which was pretty exciting!

Such a talented bunch of people in there, and all very friendly!

In other news though I done my first proper seminar yesterday at Damian Mcgillicuddys fashion fusion event held at Loxleys. It was rather exciting and the pictures looked shit hot so looking forward to seeing them. Big thanks to my ultra talented MUA June Long who made me look awesome. Was so nice to see some friendly faces and thanks again to Barrie and his gorgeous other half Fiona for dropping me off home.

I recommend June very highly as an MUA/Hairstylist she is out of this world :D

Anyway I think thats all I have to say today, I have the nephew coming over tonight and need to update my diary and fill in the blank dates. I have been saying yes lots recently and not putting things in the diary so I officially suck, its a shame I cannot afford someone to do all this for me then I can concentrate my time on actually modelling..




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